Who am I?

I’ve started… and not kept up with… a blog several times.  Partly because of this question:  Who am I to think that so many people out there care about what I think about the world?  Who am I to think my story and my journey is so important?  And yet… I love hearing others’ stories.  I love the times in talking with or counseling others that I can help them see how their story is fitting together or help them figure how to change their lifestory.  The whole reason I started blogging in the first place (besides the obligatory baby update blogs) was so others would know who I was, if they cared to do so.  I’m one of those people that it takes a while to get to know… and several years ago when I first contemplated blogging I was in the midst of so many life changes that I wanted somewhere to sort through them and figure out this new life.  It was a life with an adorable, long-awaited baby and a new role of motherhood.  It was a life where I didn’t have my dad around anymore… and was realizing how much I didn’t ask while I had the time.   In so many areas, life was pretty uncertain.  Four years later, I can’t say that much more is certain except for that life keeps changing in huge ways… and fortunately at least some of them have been for the better.  The last few years of my life have brought changes in almost every area of life… and I’m still searching for who I am and how I fit in the middle of all of that — again.  So… I’m taking a deep breath and trying to ignore those parts of me that care way too much about whether or not what *I* think is acceptable to you.  Here’s my blog.  There’s no telling what you’ll come across on it… bragging on the (mostly) awesome 4-year-old I’m blessed to be a mommy to, wonderings on this amazing world God created, venting about some of the people who populate it, musing on scriptures, sermons, or books,  lyrics to music that I’m loving at the moment (always… my parents knew what they were doing when they named me Melody!), writings from the times I get nostalgic for those almost-English-major college days.  Feel free to stop by, browse around, throw in some comments… and share some of who *you* are and how your story is unfolding in the process.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi, Melody. Welcome to the blogesphere!

    My advice: don’t worry one lick about what people think and write from your heart. That is the only way you will stick with it. Hugs.


  2. Posted by Krista on February 18, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Sounds like a great blog to me. 🙂
    Just curious, what church do you go to?



  3. Posted by Melody on February 18, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    Krista, I grew up in the Churches of Christ and am now attending a nondenominational Christian church — specifically, this one — http://www.gracecrossing.com . Joining the community there was definitely one of the better changes of the past few years. 🙂


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