Coupons, coupons, coupons… loving saving money!

I have turned into my mother.  I think I am well on my way to embarrassing my children in the grocery store while price-matching/couponing/rebating.  However, I do draw the line at carrying thousands of coupons into the store and having a complete shoebox organizing system for rebates (I love you, Mom, even though I am sure you are not even reading this blog!).  I do seem to spend too much time trying to stretch a dollar though…

Here are some of my finds over the past few months:

Aldi — I *love* Aldi!  They don’t accept coupons but the prices are worth it.  I shop there mainly for produce (except for sweet potatoes… had a bad experience there!) and the things we almost always need on hand and can’t wait for sales on (sugar, everyday spices, milk, lunch meat, cheese, eggs).  They also have generic Goldfish (Sharks) and an amazing boxed pasta salad (which I haven’t bought yet but tasted and fully intend to buy next time I go!).  My love for Aldi’s goes far above the good prices though.  They are a haven for shopping with a preschooler.  No coupons means a shorter checkout time for me and their pretty small stores means less time going up and down aisles.  Smaller stores also means shorter checkout lines (I have only once been in a line with more than 3 people) and a smaller parking lot.  A few Aldi’s tips for newbies — they don’t take coupons, bring a quarter to get a shopping cart (they have a corral at the front of the store and you deposit a quarter to get a cart and then get it back when you leave), and bring your own bags (cloth or from other stores)  or come prepared to buy theirs.  I highly recommend their cloth bags — the one I have is HUGE and cost $1.99. — a site where you can add coupons to your store card (Kroger here) and not have to carry coupons around! — Coupon matchup sites are great… but it is so nice to have someone local doing matchups because it is *so* frustrating to see a great deal that is not available to you! — coupons galore.  Print them out and use them at the store just as you would regular coupons. — look here for any online coupon codes you need!

I tend to do couponing/rebating in spurts so I am trying to get a bit more organized about it.  Right now I am just shopping Aldi for deals, shopping for 30-day-meal items on sale and good deals at Kroger, and doing rebates if I happen to stumble across a great one… which is basically never right now since I am not even looking and Walgreens stopped doing rebates!

Some great finds of today’s grocery shopping at Kroger (thanks to some sites above!):

  • Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta $1.25 ($.75 if you buy 8 participating items in their March Madness event… I recommend buying DiGiorno pizza at $3.99 and Simply Orange orange juice at $2.99 as well!) — paired with coupon from ronzonis.comFREE!
  • Yoplait Delight yogurt — $2.00 — paired with $1 coupon at = $1.00 for 4-pack of yogurt bliss! 🙂
  • And be sure to check out Pillsbury products — Grands biscuits, breadsticks, pizza dough, etc. — buying them gets you $$$ off your next purchase and there are tons of coupons out there for them.  If you don’t get the Sunday paper you can find coupons at  This held true for me even though I bought the sale items that didn’t advertise money back on the price tag.
  • Off to Aldi tomorrow to buy the things I didn’t get at Kroger today!  I’ve had an expensive few weeks grocery shopping trying to stock up on some things (like chicken breasts on sale at Kroger last week!) but I know it will pay off in a few weeks or on those weeks when it seems like nothing is on sale.


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