20 Things Tuesday…

Okay, I can’t say I’ll keep up with this as a weekly feature… but it’s worth a shot!  Today’s list —

Twenty Things I LOVE About Springtime

  1. Daylight at 7 pm
  2. Being able to go outside without a coat on…. and without being drenched in sweat the second I walk outside.
  3. Being able to let Andrew play in the back yard.
  4. Grilling out!
  5. Seeing the trees get a little bit prettier every day
  6. Sunlight
  7. Easter and Holy Week
  8. Easter dresses on little girls
  9. Breaking out the sandals!
  10. Taking walks outside after supper
  11. Trips to the park
  12. … and trips to the zoo…
  13. … and discovering NEW parks
  14. Watching flowers start to bloom
  15. Getting the first dandelions “saved” (from dh mowing them) by Andrew and brought to me
  16. Driving around with the windows down and the radio up
  17. Cadbury chocolate eggs
  18. Easter egg hunts
  19. Decorating Easter eggs… and then eating egg salad and deviled eggs.
  20. Seeing the cherry trees bloom… I have to get down there this week and get a picture!  The one in this post is from last year.

What do you love about spring?


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