A is for…

About Me
Many “A”s characterize me… areas of life I am working on… and areas that just might come up on this blog.   Consider this yet another intro to me… and an invitation to join the journey.
  • Adjustment… to the fact that life is never going to be exactly like I want it to be.  Much easier said than done. Adjustment and change seems to be the only constant in life the last few years.
  • Acceptance… of myself (another easier said than done).  I’ve been realizing over the last few years just how much I’ve let others’ opinion of who I should be influence who I am… or let myself simply be an extension of the roles that I play (wife, mom, counselor).  Acceptance means that it is okay for me to have a voice all of my own.  (That’s probably one reason I’m blogging anyway).  Acceptance means that I believe for myself what I tell my 4-year-old — that God made him special, that God loves him and created him with his appearance, personality, strengths and weaknesses for a reason.  It is just so much easier to say that to my amazing, adorable 4-year old who  elicits admiration from almost everyone he sees than it is for this 34 year old who has a lot more world experience to believe sometimes.
  • Acceptance… from others. My biggest struggle is caring way too much what other people think.  It leads me to censor way too much of what is happening in life or what I want or what I think.  It causes me to be perfectly comfortable fading into the background… and then wonder why no one knows anything about me and I feel left out.  And, yes, right now I am wondering what you are thinking.  Especially if you are new to this blog and this is the first real post you are reading.  I want to say this is a bad day and I’m usually happy and have sunny cheerful blogs.  But the truth is I often struggle with how much to share of all of the internal musing and angst.  And there are of course happy days too (see the picture from yesterday… now can you look at that face and not smile?) 🙂
  • Acclimation — to new roles and relationships.  I’ve spent the last year or so floundering in a new role of a SAHM… who does a bit of counseling and non-profit work… who pampers women at Beauticontrol spas sometimes (and should more often because it reminds me to take care of me!)… who has come to realize there are ups and downs to this role along with the ups and downs of being a mom who works (too much) outside the home.   I’ve been fortunate enough to gain a few good friends along the way… and struggle with how to hold on to the relationships I don’t want to lose from my days of working too many hours.  It has been an ongoing struggle to appreciate the moment and enjoy this role while I have it… instead of wondering when financial necessity will force me out of it.  It has been a constant struggle to balance spending time with Andrew with the others “jobs” I’m doing to be able to have that time available.
  • Attitude — one of the hidden perks of working with Beauticontrol is constantly being reminded of the importance of a good attitude and being surrounded by positive people.  I need it.  I’m working on it… I’ve by no means mastered it.  I’m glad that I have some people around who are willing to meet me where I am instead of where they think I should be…  which leads me to:
  • Amazing Things — Finding people who care about me and not just who I can be for them is a new thing for me.  That’s an amazing thing.  A feature I meant to start today (and have done in the past on other blogs) is Thankful Thursdays… a blog listing things I am thankful for from that day.  Amazing Things in my life today — the 4-year-old who is patient with me even when I am impatient with him and the beautiful weather we have today.
  • Ascending — okay, this one is a stretch… I had to search for an “A” word there.   🙂  Working on setting my sights higher and setting some goals to word towards, living by priorities, and not just letting life happen as it may. There will definitely be further posts on that.

See you tomorrow!


One response to this post.

  1. I’m SO glad you chose to do the April challenge. And your “A” post is wonderful! Looking forward to your posts this month!


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