C is for… Concentration and other C’s

Concentration, which is in short supply at the moment.  The overtired 4 year old is talking instead of eating lunch, some insanely loud sports program is on TV,  all I can think about is that a friend is coming over in an hour and my house is a wreck… and that I have to get income taxes done in the next week… and that I have to go to the store to get eggs and peanut butter eggs and Cadbury eggs (should have known I would have eaten a couple of those if I bought them before today!).  I read a blog post yesterday about mommy brain… except I’m not so sure that is it.  But I keep feeling like I flit from thing to thing to thing in life… and I don’t ever settle anywhere long enough to accomplish anything.   Snapshot of the moment:  the 4 year old is singing nonsense syllables, the TV is blaring, and now the husband is annoyed because I can’t carry on a conversation in the midst of all of this while typing.  Okay, back to blogging…

Am I just at a point in life where it is impossible to find time to contemplate life and THINK while I am still awake enough to do so?  So many decisions, HUGE decisions, have been made in our lives lately just by default… or as the consequence of not being proactive… because I need time to sit and think about them and muse on them… and muse on me and who in the world I am and what it really takes for me to have an abundant life.    I’m apparently failing at making time for that.  And if I don’t have it then everything else falls apart…. and life falls into catastrophe, calamity, crying… chaos.


Maybe I should have blogged about cleaning (another ever-present, never-gets-done constant in my life)… or candy…

Or cuteness… or even church.  We went to an Easter egg hunt this morning held at another church in town.  A hard rain last night left us squelching through the mud to get to Easter activities… but we had fun… and I even gave up on trying not to  sink into the mud in sandals and went barefoot for the last few minutes.  (Have *you* walked in the mud lately?  Go try it, it’s fun!)  My thoughts on the way there were proven true — 4 year olds are not quite into the competition of egg hunts, they are just happy to get a few pieces of candy.  I love this age!  (Hey, maybe I should have written about competition… but that would have required concentration).  I spent some time during a puppet show they held thinking of the ways churches (well.. some churches) are changing ministries to kids to keep pace with the frenzy that is life at times.  I have mixed feelings on that.  I love the new and upbeat and kid-friendly… I also love going to churches that offer refuge and calmness during chaos.  One thing I loved most about the Space for God study I wrote about yesterday was that the group study began in silence.  I’d rush from work to home to church, chattering and trying to keep in connection with friends and family along the way… and then push open the door reading, “Please enter in silence” and sit… and compose myself… and wait… listen… have time to think for a bit.  Be.

Guess I’ve come full circle (these stream of consciousness writings usually do).  Concentration… productive time for me.  Emotionally productive, not getting laundry done productive.  Preferably without feeling guilty about it.  (As I do at the moment… because I know the husband is waiting to have a conversation and the 4 year old is waiting to give naptime hugs and the house is waiting to be cleaned).

Have a blessed Easter… see you Monday.


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  1. Thanks for such an interesting write. You made good use of the “C” LETTER for the challenge.



  2. Looked your stream of consciousness. Four is a wonderful age…enjoy it to the fullest. One of our grandsons is four and so funny and serious at the same time.
    Happy Easter to you.
    Jan in Maine


  3. Posted by Bethany on April 4, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    I agree, life can be overwhelming sometimes. I mean I am only 19 but the tasks as you get older seem to keep piling on top of us until we finally reach the point where we just don’t care. However times like you had, running around outside in the mud with your barefeet with you family, are moments in life that we look back on and think, this was peaceful. Church is also a great place to start feeling those emotions of being calm and collective. Time with God normally gives us time to reflect not only on him, but our life as it is.


  4. kids’ ministries sure are interesting!

    We visited many churches in this area that have “dynamic” kids’ ministries, and it’s all rather too over the top for my taste. I don’t like to see a church nursery where Veggie Tales or some kids’ praise CD is on while the kids are playing — they don’t need the extra noise, and they’re not old enough to sit and listen or watch. And while fun is nice, I don’t think it’s necessary or healthy to use the world’s marketing techniques to “make the Gospel more appealing” to kids. The worst was the church that, in announcing the VBS program to the congregation, talked about how much more fun it would be than reading books in a library or eating a boring healthy school lunch. Yikes! Wonder if any lunch ladies or librarians were in the congregation. And I don’t want my church condoning and fostering antagonism between kids and books and health and other good things, just for the sake of filling seats in VBS.

    On the other hand, we visited another church that was going fast in the other extreme. These four year olds sat in chairs the entire Sunday School hour — only moving to switch from chairs at a table to chairs at a story circle, and occasionally standing up. They were working on catechsim, memorizing books of the Bible, ten commandments, reviewing all the stories they’d heard so far, and who knows what all else, all in one Sunday School hour. Too young for that amount of material! Even an adult class would be better off focusing on one or two of those things each week. And even in Sunday School kids need to play and move a little more than that, and not just have one crayon for coloring their own picture while waiting for everyone to arrive and class to start.


  5. Hi. Congratulations on taking up the Challenge.

    Yes, everything requires not just our attention but our concentration.


  6. i love this melody…just from this one reading, i know we are birds of a feather. I too loved the way you hammered at the C…like the waves of the sea…

    i think it’s all to easy to get lost in the noise of life…it hammers at us and makes us weaker. Something i do know, tho…Isaiah 40:11
    He tends his flock like a shepherd:
    He gathers the lambs in his arms
    and carries them close to his heart;
    ———-> he gently leads those that have young <—————–
    that's you and me…he's not holding a club waiting for the opportune time to clobber you with condemnation. take the peace times when you can get 'em and find the wonder and excitement and joy in the wild ones.

    Peace to you.


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