G is for Gratitude

Some things from the past week I am grateful for… going with the alphabet theme for fun!

  • Aldi Aldi is in the running for my favorite grocery store ever, though if I ever move back to Nashville, Publix may take over that spot (I see so many getting amazing deals there!).  I was so excited this week to have a menu plan and grocery list ready for grocery shopping first thing Monday morning.  I herded Andrew in the car, raced to Aldi… and realized that I had forgotten to get a quarter for a shopping cart *and* forgot to bring my own bags.  I emptied one reusable bag I had in the car and located one of the millions of plastic Kroger bags that multiply in my home (and car too, apparently).  I then faced the dilemma of paring down my shopping list to what I could get while holding a preschooler with one hand and a bag in the other.  But… salvation!  An Aldi’s newbie was struggling with the shopping carts (thinking, “Why won’t these $%*! carts pull apart?” I am sure!).  I stopped to explain the Aldi’s quarter rule… and spied a cart with a quarter inside!  After Ms. Newbie assured me she had a quarter for her own cart, I gleefully got a basket, let the preschooler ride, and finished my shopping.  Yay!!!  Of course, I left the quarter for the next frantic mommy.
  • Bloggers — I am so glad I have been able to participate in this blog challenge. I’m loving reading your blogs and have definitely found a few new blogs to read.  I love the variety of blog posts from the same letter of the alphabet — we have many creative people participating in this challenge!
  • Cadbury Creme Eggs (okay, Candy in general) — Yum. Best eaten chilled from the refrigerator. Chocolate rocks.  At least until swimsuit season.
  • Dandelions – my 4 year old is on a mission to save dandelions from being run over by the big bad lawnmower. To him, every yellow flower is a dandelion. They must either be picked and saved, picked and brought to Mom, or blown when they are white to make MORE dandelions. I don’t see dandelions as a weed, so I am completely on board with this!
  • Easter and Eggplant — what more can I say about Easter than I’ve already said? I can’t overestimate my gratitude for the meaning of Easter, God, and the church congregations I am blessed to worship with.  As for the eggplant, this was supper last night.  It was great.
  • Friends and Followers — I’m massively grateful for my friends IRL. I spent yesterday experiencing the privilege of being listened to… and heard… and getting some good tips for time management too.  And I am grateful for all of you who are reading and commenting on my blog.   I can’t say that I have followers per se since I can’t figure out how to add an easy way to subscribe to this blog.  (Fellow WordPress.com bloggers, any help?)
  • Green — Spring is exploding around me — trees are budding and greening, grass is growing, flowers are emerging — I love it!

What are you grateful for from the past week?


13 responses to this post.

  1. I am grateful for my children, grandchild, job, knitting, rest, working out.


  2. Grateful for my family, my friends, and for a wonderful God.


  3. Nice post. I’m always grateful for my family, our health & my job. This week specifically I’m grateful for pizza – definitely too long of a day to cook on Tuesday 🙂


  4. it’s funny thing you mentioned about dandelions. i like the smell of’m. in my neighbor the ppl are always spraying them or pulling the. i just let them go to seed and let the wind take’m where ever:)

    i’m eternally grateful to Him!!! Praise Adonai !!!


  5. Melody, you are most assuredly my long lost sister!…cadbury creme eggs are THE best…(and then, so is candy)..Your aldi story is usu. the same one i have every week 😉


  6. oh yeah…and this week i am thankful for chai tea lattes, my aunt dot who loves my kiddos inside and out, my dh’s bro, sis-in-law, and kiddos–and for NOT having to go to the grocery store this week…..yet.


  7. Oh my goodness Melody, I have so many things to be grateful for from this past week. I actually keep a journal of thanksgiving and write 10 things I’m thankful for from that day, every night. At least that is my goal. 🙂 It makes you realize how truly blessed you really are!

    Loved this post. Nice way to get from A to G – well done!


  8. Cold chocolate rules! Especially dark chocolate. And chocolate chip cookies? Must be eaten from the freezer, not right from the oven. The taste is different, not just the texture. Brownies, too, I like better cold or at least room temperature.


  9. You played catch up like me, today! I love the gratitude post…nicely done!


  10. Indeed so much to be grateful for. Love your creativity in the post. Keep up the good work.


  11. I’m grateful for the life that I have and for the grace of God.
    The only green I see outside right now is the evergreen. Spring hasn’t come our way yet. We had some snow shower yesterday. I’m looking forward to read more of your post. Have a wonderful day!


  12. Great Post~ you had me at cadbury creme eggs ~YUMMMM!!!! I am thankful for my salvation, Josh, my job & coffee:)


  13. I love posts like these. I’d much rather read about all the things people are grateful for than have to slog through endly whiney, ranting, negative posts.

    As for me… I’m grateful for my kids, my hubby, my friends and my family. The people in my life are everything to me.


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