Kitties! :)

I may get around to a second K post for today if I ever finish a book I need to review… but for now, enjoy some tidbits about the fur babies in my house!  I have 2 cats at home, Oliver (the white Siamese mix) and Bailey (the black long-hair).  We still claim Abby too.  She was a tan/gray striped cat who lived with us for about 8 years and unfortunately ran away about a year ago.  My fault. 😦  She got outside during a thunderstorm and never came back.

  1. Oliver was my first baby. 🙂  We got him just a few months after we got married.  At the time, my husband worked nights and Oliver’s “job” was to keep me company at night.  He is the sweetest cat ever and definitely does an amazing job.  He’s a really good listener too.  I don’t know what I would have done without him.
  2. When Oliver was a kitten, he loved to watch ski jumping at the Winter Olympics (in 1998, I guess?).  He would follow the skier as they jumped and stop watching TV during the commercials.
  3. We never intended on having more than one cat.  Quick story of how Bailey joined our home — we had a car accident, the salvage shop had found some kittens who were days old and had been abandoned by their mom, I’m a sucker for kittens.  We took him home and bottle fed him.  He even went to work with me for a few weeks!
  4. To thank me for keeping him alive, Bailey promptly decided that my husband was his favorite human.  I’m still second best.
  5. When Bailey first came to live with us, he was so tiny we couldn’t tell if he was a boy or a girl.  We guessed boy and named him Coal.  Then the vet told us he was a girl and we named him Annabelle (Belle for short).  Well… he turned out to be a boy… so his name is Bailey.  We still have a tiny stocking from his first Christmas with us that says Annabelle.
  6. We definitely didn’t intend on having THREE cats.  So how did Abby join our home?  Well… my boss found a kitten living on the streets.  Her 4-year-old nephew was living with her at the time and terrorizing the poor kitty.  She told us we had to stop by “just to see her, we didn’t have to take her”.  Did I mention I’m a sucker for kittens?  We left with our third cat.
  7. Abby never grew much beyond kitten size, so we said we really had 2 1/2 cats.
  8. Abby was more mischievous than the other 2 combined.  We loved her and definitely miss her… but have to admit that life is a bit easier without her around!
  9. Oliver likes to sleep on my head.  I’m allergic to cats, this does not help.
  10. Oliver likes to sit on my shoulder and “read” with me.
  11. Bailey’s favorite past time is knocking random items off of the table and other surfuaces.  We joke that his job is to clean up.  (He also took it upon himself to get annoyed with Abby, who did not really like the litter box, whenever she left a mess — and then bring it to our attention).
  12. Bailey thinks he doesn’t like catnip.  We don’t give it to our cats anymore but used to.  If we showed him the bag, he would hiss at it and smack it away.  If we just gave him catnip in something, he asks like it is the greatest thing ever.
  13. When Bailey first came to live with us, we kept him in the bathroom because it was the only room with a door that would shut all of the way.  He was so tiny we could just let him play in a laundry basket.  He still loves bathrooms and water to this day.  He likes to sit on the side of the bathtub and scare me while I am taking a shower.
  14. Cats are an amazing source of entertainment when you are young and have no money. 🙂  We used to laugh for hours watching Bailey chase a laser beam around the floor and on the walls.  He could jump really high!  Think Mario’s wall jump on Super Mario Brothers.
  15. Oliver has always had a collar with a bell.  He loves it.  We tried to put a collar on Bailey one day.  He was traumatized.
  16. Bailey has a bit of an attitude problem.
  17. Oliver has transferred his love for me into a love for Andrew (my 4 year old) too.  They are best buddies and Andrew is (mostly) so gentle with Oliver.  Oliver is very patient on the times he is not gentle.
  18. Andrew and I agree that Oliver makes a great pillow.
  19. Oliver refuses to eat any kind of “people food”.  Bailey has an obsession with chicken.  He will beg for it and usually manages to get a bite or two.  Abby had an obsession with any kind of people food she could get.
  20. I cannot imagine life without my cats (though I can imagine a house with less cat hair).  They are getting older… Oliver is almost 13 and Bailey is almost 10.  I’m trying not to think about it.

In short:

cat – 1 walking ego with an attitude problem (Bailey) 2 lap warmer with built-in buzzer (Oliver) 3 proof that eating and sleeping isn’t all bad (Abby)


5 responses to this post.

  1. Cute, not a cat person myself, but I do like a good cat story


  2. What a nice post – you’re a lucky to family to have 3 warm kitties lighting it up 🙂


  3. Posted by Marjorie on April 14, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    I love cats. I can’t have them though because my husband’s mother is allergic, and he’s afraid she won’t come visit if we have cats. It’s annoying, but one day I swear I’m getting a cat.


  4. How sweet… makes me want a kitty! 😀


  5. I’ve got one! Pastel calico. We went to PetSmart on an adoption day (when a shelter brings a bunch of available animals) just to look, and took her home. She was a year old, curious, active, talkative. I think she might have some Siamese in her based on some of her personality and voice characteristics. She’s a great lap cat and still likes to play at 11 years old, too. She’s not without her issues — must be fed on time or she gets overexcited and throws up, and she has a tendency to some skin and ear problems, but she lets me give her medicine and ear drops and foot treatments.

    My toddler likes the cat most of the time but isn’t yet consistently able to pet the cat gently, so the cat mostly avoids her.


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