L is for Life Lessons

I’ve been thinking lately about some lessons I’ve learned in life. I wish I was as skilled at learning life lessons as I was in learning lessons in school… but unfortunately I feel like I often have to relearn the same things again and again in life. A few I’ve been thinking on…

  • The nature of God. God is good. God works things out for good… even in the midst of life-storms when it seems he is so far away. I went to a book club meeting a few nights ago where we were discussing Fearless by Max Lucado (another L!). A quote in that book reminded me of this lesson… to hold to faith and lessons I’ve learned about God’s nature even when emotions scream otherwise. To allow doubt but not be consumed by it.  Thankfully not in a huge life-storm at the moment… but still need to remember those lessons.
  • Thankfulness. I am really trying to be thankful for what I have and the little things in life instead of wondering how things could have been different or being jealous of what others have… whether materially or relationally.  And I’m trying to focus here on mostly positive lessons I’ve learned… and not some of the experiences that have led me to be a bit cynical and untrusting along the way.
  • Living in the moment. Today has been an exasperating parenting day. Well, to be more truthful, the last few hours or so has been exasperating parenting hour. Nothing huge going on… just my realization of how much I have to get done in the next 36 hours or so coupled with typical preschooler dawdling. And yet I know that in what seems like days I am going to turn around and miss requests for a few more minutes spent together. So at about 30 minutes past bedtime, I denied the bedtime story request and agreed to the devotional book reading. Love snuggling and Eskimo kisses with this little boy. 🙂
  • Not worrying about the future… trusting God… trusting other people. This is the one that is so, so hard for me to learn. I’m trying… even through things as simple as letting people know about rough days.
  • Letting go. Another hard lesson for me to learn… letting go of past hurts, letting go of bad situations because I can’t trust that the new ones will be any better (definitely making progress there though!). Letting go of the idea that people don’t care about what I have to say. Letting go of holding grudges. It is a lot easier to let go of the physical junk in my house than other kinds of junk in my life.
  • Giving it my best effort instead of endlessly trying to perfect things.  Or feeling like others expect me to.  Tonight… that’s why this post is here.  I could polish it up… I could do more with it.  For tonight, for this crazy week, it has to be good enough.

5 responses to this post.

  1. You’re not alone in going through certain experience. I have to relearn many of those same ones that you have listed. I think we all do. I guess most of the times we reencounter those situations they are slightly different and under different circumstances. And we are creatures of habit. I don’t know how many times I’ve eaten too much of something and feeling bad later thinking “I really have to remember not to do that again”. Or put something off and then feel stressed out thinking “Next time I need to start earlier.”
    Somethings I never seem to really learn.
    Blogging From A to Z April Challenge


  2. I think it takes time to learn lessons, then you have kids and it changes everything! Hang in there, it does get easier, then harder. I mean, you adjust they get past age 2yrs, it gets easier, then puberty
    hits and it is another test of patience and more lessons. I have a 21yr old and a 14yr old….I’m still
    learning! Great post~


  3. I can definitely relate to pretty much everything you said above… (minus the parenting part)… 😀 Life is a journey, a process… I figured I will still be learning even if I live to be over 100 years old. We will always be learning something new… if we are not learning we are not living!


  4. You wrote what many of us very often feel. Thank you!


  5. Life is all about learning, there is something to be learnt everyday.

    I came to Memphis some years back, went to Gracelands I was very impressed by the
    hospilatlity of the people there.

    Have a great week-end.


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