Z is for Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz…

… an homage to Dr. Seuss AND alphabet books.

I grew up with Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat.  Oh, the Places You’ll Go! was read by my class president at my graduation from high school.  I fell in love with Dr. Seuss writings again in college when My Many Colored Days came out.  And, of course, parenting has helped me rediscover all anew the joys of Dr. Seuss.  My little boy told me yesterday that his favorite book is The Cat in the Hat… and was slightly distraught when I asked to borrow his copy of Dr. Seuss’s Alphabet book (to make sure I knew how to spell Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz!)

This one I discovered a few years ago.  I have yet to use it, but have decided it is perfect for starting off family counseling sessions… assuming I’m doing that again someday… (okay, maybe not, but sometimes it seems needed!)

Here are a few ABC children’s books we’ve enjoyed over the past few years!  If I did this post correctly, you can click on the book image to go the the Amazon page for more information if you are interested.

And I haven’t read this one, but think I might need to!

It’s been fun going through the alphabet with all of you!  See you on Monday for the recap!


8 responses to this post.

  1. Who doesn’t dig Dr. Seuss?
    Thanks for following my blog!


  2. I was watching vintage Sesame Street clips yesterday, including some of the more psychedelic alphabet things…lots of fun!


  3. I love those books and cartoons! My kids have them now and we get a kick out of reading them out loud.


  4. heh…i have a funny story about a zizzer zazzer zuzz…Pearce used to think that he would grow up to be one…we still laugh about it whenever we think of it.


  5. Posted by Bud Ezekiel on April 30, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    you left me tongue tied on the title!:) my daughter loved the cat in the hat which puts you in the same age bracket as she is… a great finish for you!


  6. I love those – Dr Seuss is one of my faves 🙂

    I have a beautiful alphabet book in my class based on Canada. I think the title is M is for Maple Leaf. The illustrations are gorgeous. 🙂


  7. Yay! We are finished! We made it through this challenge alive and with much success! Just wanted to say congratulations & I hope we can continue getting to know each other down the road of life! Talk later! 😀


  8. Congrats on finishing and I love you used Dr. Seuss as your aid! I grew up with him and so did my kids~


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