I tried to do a “Wordless Wednesday” and just show pictures and video… but I couldn’t be quiet! 🙂

I do want to note that the quotes from this video are from this article.

Flooding has been all across Tennessee… in Millington (just outside of Memphis), Dyersburg, Nashville and its suburbs and many places in between.  The Naval base in Millington flooded and no one except essential personnel is being allowed in.  Dyersburg just had the largest flood they have had in over 70 years.  Jackson is devastated as well.  I may go back and add pics from the other places later… but saw this today and had to post.


While you are praying in the National Day of Prayer tomorrow… remember everyone trying to come to terms with the past few days across Tennessee.  I’ve had a hard time this week just watching images of my hometown… even knowing that everyone I know there is safe.  Many were not so fortunate.  I’ve already talked to one person from Millington who lost everything.  I’m feeling pretty helpless right now… all I can do is spread the word.


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  1. This is so incredibly sad. It’s unbelievable – the pictures and videos seem surreal. I made a donation at the Red Cross today and asked them to send it that way.


  2. I am surprised. Here in L.A. I heard very little about this and I had no realization it had been so bad.



  3. Posted by Bud Ezekiel on May 6, 2010 at 6:55 am

    …i had no idea it was as bad as this. you’re right about the lack of news too. all i’ve heard about is the bombing attempt in NYC and the Golf oil spill. it looks so much like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. there’s so many tragic events taking place in the world simultaneously that it’s as though much is just being glossed over by the media… they run from story to story without really doing an in-depth story. it’s no longer news…just opinions.


  4. We get hurricanes in the Carolinas, so I definitely feel thier pain with the flooding. I heard Opryland was underwater as well.


    • Yes, the picture with Bass Pro Shop towards the middle is from Opry Mills (shopping center where Opryland used to be) and the pictures toward the end (around 3:45) with tables are from inside Opryland Hotel.


  5. So sad about what happened this is the first I heard anything about it. We have much to be grateful for don’t we!


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