20 Things Tuesday…

While I’m contemplating writing a more difficult blog post… here are 20 things that I need (or at least want) to get finished between now and next Tuesday!

  1. Finish cleaning out my car.  I got to a great start yesterday by vacuuming for the first time in ages… now I just need to pull some things out of the passenger side floorboard that don’t belong and do some touch up on the inside.  I love looking back and seeing a CLEAN back seat!
  2. Sweep and mop the living room floor
  3. Clean the downstairs bathroom
  4. Pay bills and balance the checkbook
  5. Go to the park

  6. Figure out what to do with the 2 pounds of mushrooms I just bought (about a pound is for cooking this week, the rest because it was cheaper to buy the 2 pounds than 1!)  Wonder if you can freeze mushrooms?  Otherwise I see lots of omelets in our future.  Or I could make a pizza…  (DONE!  Making these and switching around our weekly menu– breakfast for dinner tomorrow, pork/stuffed mushrooms/apples on Thursday, leftovers Friday)
  7. Call insurance company about random doctors charges they won’t pay for due to pre-existing conditions that they shouldn’t count.  Not to mention the random charges they won’t pay for for who-knows-what reason.  Maybe they just refuse things on principle so they have jobs for their call center?
  8. Back up my pictures and spa records to external hard drive.
  9. Watch Lost tonight and Lost series finale on Sunday.  (I can guarantee this will get done!)

  10. Figure out what to take to the church potluck that somehow got scheduled on the same night as Lost’s series finale.  Yes, I will do both.  Somehow.  Pray for a cooperative 4-year-old at bedtime.
  11. Spend some time reading a book with a cat reading over my shoulder.  Poor kitty gets neglected.
  12. Clean off the kitchen table… somehow.
  13. Vacuum the bedroom.
  14. Figure out what to do on Tuesday nights now that Lost isn’t on anymore! 🙂
  15. Send some orders to Kinko’s… and try to figure out why my printer won’t print.
  16. Organize the toy/craft/game/random kid stuff cabinet in the living room.
  17. Get together a load of things to take to Goodwill or something similar while I’m cleaning
  18. Exercise — talk a walk outside in TODAY’s beautiful weather
  19. Exercise again — do a Walk Away the Pounds video at least once
  20. Come up with a more interesting 20 Things… list for next week.

Guess I need to get off of the computer and get started! 🙂


10 responses to this post.

  1. That’s a big list. Make pizza would be near the top of mine.


  2. mushroom pie, baby.


  3. which is incidentally very quichey but also very mushroomy—and DELISH!


  4. I could easily come up with 20 things…and a lot of them would be the same as yours! I think I have a kitchen table there somewhere too, LOL!


  5. More Red Bull Please…


  6. I’d be tempted to add some fresh spinach and bacon and make a quiche! But pizza sounds good too!

    I totally need to do some MAJOR house cleaning / organizing. Hubby is going to Texas for a long weekend the first part of June. Maybe I can get it done then. And bake myself a quiche to eat in the evening while I watch LOST online and recuperate from the day’s labors!


  7. I bet you could saute them and freeze them after cooking.

    Somehow our insurance or our dentist got things mixed up and thought the fluoride treatment was given to the toddler. No wonder they won’t cover it. Gotta make some calls.


  8. If you figure out how to clean off the kitchen table can you let me in on the secret? Everything, I mean everything ends up on our table!


  9. Posted by Rae on May 19, 2010 at 5:56 am

    Sounds like MY list! Except today mowing and weeding is at the top of the list! I am a LOST fan, too. I sure will miss it! Good luck with your 20!


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