It’s yet another Thankful Thursday!

This week…

I am thankful for my 4 year old. Even though I’ve spent most of the day snapping at him and threatening to take away toys. I keep getting reminders that he’s growing up way too fast…

I’ve recommitted to having a healthy diet (read: longterm healthier choices) and exercising. I’m thankful for renewed motivation. And yet I’m hesitant to even make that public because too often I feel I’m surrounded by skinny, healthy people. Even the ones that complain that they aren’t (whose body I’d love to have). Hoping to find a few more bloggers to get some accountability from…

I’m thankful for the absolutely GORGEOUS weather we’ve had this week. It has been spring-like… and by the end of May here it usually feels like summer is in full swing. Moderate temps made getting out to take a walk around the neighborhood a little easier!

I’m thankful for good water.  We have great tap water here, and I’ve been trying to drink more of it and stay away from everything else.  Though I do drink a glass of sweet tea most days…

I’m thankful for one of my husband’s friends who has helped us do a number of little repairs on the inside and outside of the house.  It’s looking a little better!

What are you thankful for?  Feel free to comment or link up with Kerri @ Mommy4Him with your own blog post!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Great thankfulness list, Melody! They do grow up fast! I’m trying to dredge up the drive to MAKE myself get back on the diet/exercise wagon here too. I keep climbing on and falling back off! If you’re still looking for an accountability partner after Memorial Day … look me up! Too much going on until then!


  2. We’re surrounded by friends with health issues – some very, very serious — at the moment. I’m thankful my family is healthy and that my friends are all showing good signs this week.


  3. Posted by Rae on May 21, 2010 at 5:30 am

    It seems I am thankful for some of the same things that you are. And, yes, children grow up way too fast. But when they do- we get old and we need to enjoy our lives to the fullest while we are able. I realized this morning that my diet regimen needs desperate measures to steer it in the right direction. More water! Less sweets! And, thanks to you- a menu plan! Have a super weekend!


  4. Thanks for joining me this week, Melody!!
    Great list of thanks!! I am with you on the healthy eating choices and if you need an accountability partner…I’m in!!



  5. Good water is a wonderful thing. Never had such good water as from our well growing up. The well in NY was sulphurous and full of clay, and the well here has some sulphur and iron, among other things — here, though, the Brita is sufficient. In NY we had to buy drinking water. Yuck.

    You know I’m one endeavoring to eat better and exercise, too. Do you have any specifics? It’s a little harder to cheat on specific goals.


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