Word-Filled Wednesday — He Loves Us!

As usual… this isn’t the post I planned.  But… I spent the morning struggling with sadness, jealousy, impatience, and loneliness, with some guilt for feeling all those ways piled into the mix.  Into that morning God poured this reminder through song that he loves me despite the times I don’t feel loved or don’t feel or act loving towards others.  He topped that off with a few friends asking how I was doing… and by then I was doing well enough to simply state it was “one of those days” and appreciate the question.

Here’s hoping this song blesses someone else out there today… it never fails to get to me. I’m sure I’ve posted it on here before… but I am sure I will again too.

Oh, and this is part of Word-Filled Wednesday… which is never wordless for me. Hop over to to see more… and much thanks to Verse in Ink for the verse image above.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Well I hope tomorrow you DO have a blessed day!


  2. Great post.


  3. Posted by Rae on October 21, 2010 at 5:33 am

    Thanks for the great song! I have never heard that before. You’ve given me a special gift today by helping put my heart and mind in the right perspective. And…remember- you are loved!!


  4. Isn’t so amazing when God places the right person(s), words, song, verse into our life/day just as we need it most!!! How awesome is He??


  5. HI! thanks for stopping by my blog…and yes, you have my prayers. I know that God will lead you down the path he has chosen for you….just keep praying and don’t forget to be quiet and listen..that’s my biggest problem!


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