30 Days of Thanksgiving #1

Today started out with a reminder on K-Love’s morning show not to be fearful.  Eric, one of the hosts, shared how he has been going through a Bible study which convicted him of how much he has allowed his life and choices to be governed by fear… and how he wonders how life would be different if he had not given in to those fears.  I can so relate. I am thankful for the reminder.  Today, some of my fears are relatively trivial — Will I be the slowest one out there if I sign up to run/walk a 5K?   What do others think about the chaos that is my house at the moment?  Others are more serious… (and I started writing them out and decided that is way outside the scope of this post!).

Speaking of fear… I am grateful for this post.  One thing my 4 year old has held on to over the past months is that God is with us when we are scared.  Like me, some of his fears are pretty trivial (to me) — fear of the dark, trepidation over approaching our spooky neighbor’s Halloween bedecked front door.  But he is a thinker too… and I already know that scarier fears like “What will happen to me if both you and daddy die at the same time?” have come to him.  I pray that God will always remind him that God is bigger than his fears… that he will always be taken care of… no matter what.

I’m thankful that I can read… and thankful for a little boy who is starting to learn and loving it as well. I’m watching him “read” a book with his TAG reader right now (side note:  if you have a preschooler, I endorse the TAG reader as the best Christmas present and investment EVER — it is still used constantly, 2 years later, and I know that it will be used for at least a couple more years too as Andrew keeps on improving reading skills!).   I’ve loved watching him learn to read a little more at a time over the past few months.

On a much more frivolous note, I am thankful for discounted Halloween candy! 🙂  I’ve learned over the last few weeks that a mini size bar goes a long way towards meeting a chocolate craving… and I fully intend on stocking up on a couple of bags and seeing how long they last me.

In direct opposition to my last paragraph… I am thankful that I am starting to see my weight loss efforts of the past few months pay off. Today’s weigh-in revealed that I have finally met my first BIG goal of losing 10% of my starting weight.   Studies show that losing just 10% of body weight (if you are overweight or obese to begin with!) can have a huge impact on lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and risk of diabetes.  I am thankful that I have never had cholesterol or BP issues… but reducing my already astronomical chances of getting diabetes is high on my list of reasons for losing the weight.  I also know my chances of having health problems increase as I get older, so am hoping losing weight while I am (relatively) young will help… even if I do have quite a ways to go!

I’m thankful for getting some good customer service while out running errands today… but have to admit I didn’t take the time to tell those waiting on me that I appreciated them.  I’m working on it!

What are you thankful for today?


4 responses to this post.

  1. congrats on losing 10%! you are doing great!


  2. Those are all amazing things to be thankful for! If you’d like to sign up on the link on my blog, feel free to do it!

    Looking forward to reading your 30 day posts!


  3. Thanks for adding your blog to the link!


  4. I am thankful for trivial fears that we do have because God knows there are ppl in this world with fears so much bigger then our biggest fears…Great post Mel you are a good flowing blogger!


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