This week is brought to you by the letter “E”

First of all… today is Election Day.  Even though sometimes I wonder if it makes a difference, I am thankful for the right to vote.  I am thankful today that I get to take my little boy to the polls with me and teach him a bit about voting too.  He did make me laugh this morning when I told him we were going to vote and he said, “But, I don’t know how to vote!”.  We’ve talked about what voting is and how he gets a vote in our family at times… so I had to explain that he is not allowed to vote today!  That reminds me… when I was in kindergarten, we got to “vote” for president in the 1980 election.  (Now I feel old).  I wonder if schools still do that?

Speaking of school… I am not sure if I have mentioned on here that we are contemplating homeschooling.  Expect a huge post about that in the future, but for now I mention that because I am inconsistently teaching Pre-K at home.  This week is brought to you by the letter E!

Our “pre-k” is not very structured.  The letter E lesson plan was developed Sunday driving home from church.  I was contemplating talking about the election… and then realized we have been reading a Magic School Bus book on electricity… and Sunday School had talked about Esther… and the ideas snowballed from there.  Andrew joined in with suggestions of learning about eagles, expectations, and eggs.  So… looks like we have a busy week ahead!  I’m sure we’ll add practicing writing the letter E and writing E words to that list.

So… I’m thankful for having a little boy who shares my love of learning.  I hope that, regardless of whether or not we homeschool, he keeps that curiosity throughout his life.

Have an excellent day!


2 responses to this post.

  1. lol! i was born in 1980! but i remember doing a mini election in school as well…I love my right to vote always have, i remember looking forward to turning 18 and being able to vote. I voted in any and every election! I think you would be a great homeschool mom, if you were to decided to do it. I love to teach my kids as well but they would go crazy being stuck in the house with me 24/7 lol…


  2. I’m starting to consider homeschooling, too — after kindergarten if we make it at the Montessori for that long.

    And I remember “voting” for Carter in kindergarten.


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