Trust, Peace & a Prayer

Yesterday, my husband and I took our 4 year old to a local pizza place for some pizza and games. Exploring the kids’ area, he decided to ride a small merry-go-round. Before the ride started, he changed his mind. “Too high! I’m scared!” I relented. We explored other rides. After watching him thoroughly enjoy riding in a small car on the ground, I encouraged him to ride in a helicopter. What I didn’t think about… and didn’t mention… was that the helicopter went up and down instead of back and forth. Ten seconds into the ride, a startled little boy peered down  at me, pleading, “I’m scared!”.   I looked into his eyes and assured him, “I’m right here beside you. I will not let anything happen to you.” It worked. He relaxed… and enjoyed the ride… and then wanted to do it again.

How often I am like him. My life has been full of experiences I could not foresee.  Too often  I turn, startled, and exclaim, “I’m scared! I can’t do this! I want off!”. But I too have a loving Parent beside me who tells me, “It’s okay. I’m right here beside you. You will get through this.” My 4 year old trusts me, enough to not only overcome his fears but enjoy the rest of the journey. Why is it so difficult for me to do the same? Father, thank you for the times you have guided me through the difficult, dark, and scary times of life. Help me to trust you unreservedly to guide me through the rest. Offering this prayer for myself and for others traveling their own uncertain paths at the moment… may we all remember that God will give peace through uncertain times.

You will keep in perfect peace
all who trust in you,
all whose thoughts are fixed on you!
Trust in the Lord always,
for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.   –Isaiah 26:3-4

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9 responses to this post.

  1. So true and so refreshing! God is always right there with us and we have to trust Him. He has plans for us and we just need to learn to trust. I am visiting from Mom’s Mustard Seeds and I pray you have a great rest of the week.


  2. What a wonderful verse and a great reminder to have that child like faith, thank you for sharing this.



  3. I love that perfect peace that He gives and I love the empahsis on the rock that I have seen a couple of times so far. He is my rock and my salvation. I am so blessed.


  4. So true….we forget that we are merely ‘children’ to God. And that we need to trust him, just as we want our children to trust us! Love the way you were able to apply this to your daily life. Thank you so much for linking up at Mustard Seed Planting!


  5. This really touches a soft spot for me today. May He help us to enjoy the journey.


  6. I can’t tell you how blessed I am by those encouraging Bible verses and the photo. A special gift for this overflowing/busy Word-Filled Wednesday!


  7. Oh YES! TRUST! I love this! It’s PERFECT for today and the journey!


  8. Perfect peace…amazing. I need to trust more and always because I need that perfect peace!


  9. Fix my thoughts on my heavenly Daddy, I’m a work in progress-in His hands-where that’s concerned. Sometimes I think I’m better at that when my circumstances are NOT going well. Thank You, Father, for the grace you give me when You turn my thoughts to you!
    Thanks, for your comment on my blog today. Reminded me to check back with the WFW group. It sure helps my walk to share with others. blessings on your day!


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