Just for the joy of it


Today I have needed joy. My 4 year old, after a too-late night having fun with his daddy, spent the morning behaving horribly at the library, though not as quite as badly as at church the other week.   (By the way, mentioning that incident to friends who were at church has taught me that others don’t notice your child’s acting out as much as you think they do at the time)!  Once we (finally) got back to the car, he informed me,  “I just feel grumpy… and angry.”   Yeah, me too.  Lesson learned (again) that 4 year olds don’t like being dragged around the library while mom searches for a book.  Lesson also learned to pick out my book before he gets all of his… because after that he was D.O.N.E.  Yes, I threatened to put all of his books back.  Yes, I threatened no story time next time.  Why do I make these threats that we both know I am not going to keep? Really? Books have rarely if ever gotten taken away here.  Anyway.. back to joy. Yeah, it wasn’t so much easy to find today.  I was not feeling joyful.  At all.

Until I started thinking about it, after being reminded by a friend’s blog post.  So… here are the random moments of joy we’ve found today.

  1. Looking at the fog on trip #1 to the library.
  2. The joy on my little boy’s face when we got to the library for trip #2 and he discovered that his left-behind coat had NOT been taken (hey, you never know) but that someone had been kind enough to give it to the librarians… and that they were kind enough to give it back to him (without a lecture, unlike his mommy)
  3. That same little boy’s excitement at getting sweet tea at Chick-Fil-A (seriously, what is it with this child and sweet tea?  Have I ever mentioned that his first sentence was “I want TEA!”?)
  4. Coming home to a slightly cleaner floor than I left and two adorable kitties snoozing in comfortable places. They looked up at me and went straight back to their naps.
  5. The quiet hour or so I had between banishing the 4 year old to his room (where he promptly fell asleep) and my husband coming home from work.
  6. My husband bringing in the mail and realizing that we got the Veggie Tales CD that I won earlier in the week. (Expect a favorable review soon).
  7. Realizing that one of our local radio stations is now playing all Christmas music, all the time.  Even though I inevitably realize long before Thanksgiving that I don’t like their Christmas song selections.  (My goal this year is to make it through the holiday season without having to hear Christmas Shoes — good message, horribly overplayed and sentimental song.  And I am not usually against sentimental.  I did include a link in case you have somehow missed it.)
  8. Taking a few minutes to look through an old blog of mine and watch adorable videos of my little boy from a few years ago… and share them with him.
  9. Bedtime hugs and snuggles… which always help at the end of a long day.  The last two nights, I’ve told Andrew he was my favorite almost 5 year old.  His response?  “You are my favorite almost three-ty-six year old!”  (three-ty being how he pronounces thirty because he can’t say it right, got frustrated, and decided to say three-ty instead!).  Um… yeah, thanks bud.  I thought I just turned thirty-five…
Linking up with Sharon at Good, True and Beautiful for this post today… leave a comment and let me know what has brought you joy today!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Okay, I just have to say that it brought me joy to find another person who is also OVER hearing Christmas Shoes!!!!!! HA!


  2. Posted by Barbara Howell on November 19, 2010 at 11:20 am

    I did not know this was here until Aunt Nancy shared it with all of us this morning. I will give her a big thank you when I see her again on Sunday.

    I would really enjoy following your musings if it is okay with you. Is there a way I can go back and see what you have written?

    I have been keeping up some on Facebook, but it is not nearly so detailed. I have enjoyed your occasional struggles for your 30 days of thankfulness .

    I have also appreciated being introduced to Single Dad Laughing. I don’t always read it, but I enjoy it when I do. Thanks!


  3. Oh it brings me joy that the Books Store is a challenge for moms other than me… of course, it primarily involves the train set in the kid section. He won’t budge from it, and I’m stuck staying within 15 feet of it so that I can watch him out of the corner of my eye. The book selection within 15 feet of the train table is getting pretty old!! Hee Hee.


  4. When my older kids were younger, I always made sure they had one book on their hands which they could check out from the library to bring home before I looked for my books. If they listened to me and behaved themselves, I would let them have a few more books after I was done. With my little one now, though, I have not brought him to the library with me because I have the older kids watching him at home so I am not sure how he would behave if I do take him one day. LOL! One more thing and you probably get asked this a lot: are you in anyway related to Keith Green?


    • Good tips! Honestly, my little boy is usually pretty well-behaved when he is not over-tired. I just realized much too late how tired he was from the late night. If your library has a storytime, take your littlest one to it! It has been a great way for us to learn more about the library. It would also help me if I would pick books I want in advance and just know where to get them… I have great intentions of having an ongoing “to read” list but, like menu planning, there are too many times nothing on the list seems appealing. And, no, I am not related to Keith Green at all. 🙂 At least now that I am in any way aware of! Thanks for stopping by!


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