Five for Friday…

I am not feeling the least bit creative today… it has been about all I can do to clean for fifteen minutes at a time. So… here are 5 blogs I have discovered over the past few months that you should visit. Here’s hoping they are feeling more inspired than I am today!

A Holy Experience: I just discovered this one last Monday… and was immediately captivated by Ann’s use of language, descriptive blog posts, and love of God. Her blog is filed away in my Google reader as “Soul Care”, if that tells you anything.

Jennifer Janes — I haven’t followed this blog for long, but am always blessed by what I find there. Jennifer and I seem to be on similar journeys right now… or trying to figure out where we are… and I always enjoy her posts.

Open Ended Art for Young Children: Art is not my forte. However, the young artist I live with could always benefit from new ideas… so I am so grateful I found this blog. Now I need to get motivated to actually try the ideas! By the way, if your home is like mine and desperately needs a toy cleanout before the holidays (and birthday too in our case!), go read today’s Giving: I-Spy post! (Ellen is also a NaBloPoMo blogger!)

Kalyn’s Kitchen: Yummy food, which is also pretty good for you! Kalyn tries to make recipes which are South Beach friendly… and while I am not using the South Beach diet plan, I still appreciate her recipes. Next on my list to try from her site are Twice-Baked Sweet Potato Cups.  I need to do more than just read this one… but I am hoping that will come in time!  I have gotten some great ideas for simplifying life a little and living with less stuff.

Speaking of clutter… I have recently started using Google Reader and LOVE it!  The question right now is whether it will help me keep up with blogs or just add to the things I feel obligated to keep up with… but for now, I think it is a good thing!  I love being able to organize blogs I follow by category and have a place to keep all of those blog addresses besides bookmarking them or trying to keep up with who I can follow through FriendConnect, WordPress, or other means.

I’d love to know if you have any blogs you follow that you think I would enjoy… just leave me a comment!


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