Bob & Larry Sing the 80’s (Review)

My family has loved Veggie Tales for years now… since long before the littlest one joined our family. The DVDs (and CDs) excel at entertaining kids and their parents too. This Bob & Larry Sing the 80’s CD is no exception. As a child of the 80’s, I have had this CD on my mental wish list for a while, so I was excited to win a copy from My Memphis Mommy earlier this week. Familiar, child-entertaining characters + great eighties music = a total win! I had heard and loved the preview snippets from songs, but was even more impressed when I finally was able to hear the entire CD this week. The veggies offer amusing dialogue and commentary on songs, and insert their own brand of veggie humor as well. Some songs have been “veggiefied” by some lyrics adaptations, which only adds to the entertainment value for us. I am excited to have the chance to listen to the songs I grew up with (especially since many “80’s” music stations tend to stop in the early 80’s) and have the chance to introduce my little boy to some great tunes at the same time. Whether or not you choose to introduce the original versions of songs (we will), this CD is bound to keep your entire family entertained. Hop over to Big Idea to purchase the CD, and prepare to be entertained!


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