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Fear. Despite reading and loving Fearless, I spend too much time enveloped by fear. I tend to go to one of two extremes… either I become overwhelmed by fear and anxiety or I attempt to ignore it. Of course, Fear will not be ignored. It will arise at inopportune moments in an attempt to strangle dreams, quash hope, steamroller joy. Fear shackles me to the past and tries to convince me that there can be no different future. Fear looks at future hopes and reasons that my present path cannot lead to future dreams. Fear discourages me from having future dreams at all. Fear burdens me, weighs me down, limits my vision.

Instead of having extreme reactions, I need to embrace Fear and courageously act in response to it.  I need to remind Fear that it is a part of me but it will not master me. I need to embrace fears… look and see which are realistic… and take action where I can. After doing what I can to guard against reasonable fears, I need to discourage irrational fears from overtaking my mind. And I need to remember that I have a God who reminds me that, no matter what, he is beside me; he will help me carry burdens and surmount life-storms; he will take life-pressures away from me and send peace “that transcends all understanding” (Phil. 4:6-7) to make them as if they are weightless.

This is a blog post in response to Three Word Wednesday writing prompts and part of Word Filled Wednesday.  Feel free to join in!