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Some musings on prayer and taking action…

I came across this status on Facebook today: “_____ hopes that people’s prayers fuel their actions and that their actions fuel the praise of God. It’s hard to eat your prayers…”   The post was in reference to Nashville flooding, from someone whose family lost everything.  I definitely understand the reasoning behind the statement.  It got me thinking… it is so easy to say “I’ll pray for you” or “I’ll pray for those people”.    It is much, much harder at times to do something about it and put those prayers into action.  I’d like to think if I was living in Nashville right now I’d be helping out with the cleanup efforts. The reality is, it would take some work on my part to be able to do that work. It would involve finding childcare, or finding an opportunity to help an individual where a child could tag along… or even finding an opportunity to help someone in my home. I have seen Facebook statuses of people offering their homes and playrooms for people who have been displaced to bring kids to play (which I thought was a great idea… maybe it doesn’t help everyone, but to displaced moms whose kids have lost all of their toys and are living in shelters… it’s a big deal.  I’d be willing to bet they would leave with a few more toys as well).   Right now it seems like finding a way to help out… regardless of your situation… is pretty easy.  I just also know how easy it is to say “I’ll pray for you” and then not even do that, much less anything else.

On the flip side… I was responding to a blog post about the Oklahoma tornadoes and typed, “I’ll pray for all of you”. I almost typed, “I wish I could do more”. I didn’t — because of this:  I immediately thought, “By saying, ‘I wish I could do more’, am I saying that praying isn’t doing much?”  I believe that prayer is powerful.  I don’t believe that praying is “doing nothing”.  I know that God can do much more than I can ever do.

I also know that he uses people and community and his church to do many of those things.  We are often the way he puts prayers into action.

So… prayer is powerful… and so is getting out of your head and helping others.

I guess I needed to type all of that out to reconcile the two ideas… and thought I’d share.

What do you think?  Do you often pray more than you “do”?  Do you take action for yourself (or others) more than you have faith that God will privide?  Do you see yourself as part of that provision?  How do you balance prayer with taking action… or when knowing when you taking action is the answer to another’s prayer?

I is for Information Overload

Maybe I am starting to get older…  I think I’m getting to the point that I can’t keep up with new technology.  I have an account on Twitter but have to admit it baffles me.  I understand how to use it and even see advantages to it… I’m just a little fuzzy on how to integrate it into my life.  I tend to follow a variety of tweeter’s… friends near and far, counselors/MFTs, spagirls, other moms looking for a deal, friends I’ve met on the internet, places I look to for inspiration.  Perhaps it is because I do not have a phone with internet access (or the money to pay for that phone service!), but logging on to Twitter seems to leave me feeling assaulted by information.  Information Overload.  Too much being thrown out there and not enough time to absorb or respond to it all.  And yet… I don’t want to miss anything… and so I still log in every now and again.  Thinking now… it seems to me that if I *did* have a mobile phone, I’d feel even more assaulted by constant information.

It isn’t just Twitter.  I also avoid the evening news whenever possible.  When I do read news it is typically from the Internet.   My husband does not understand this AT ALL.  I think he feels that I am clueless on world affairs.  The reality is… I don’t know that I want to know everything.  It is hard enough at times for me to keep faith in humanity without watching the news.  When I do catch the news, it seems all I hear is death, catastrophe, blaring sports commentary.  Do I really need more of that in my life?

Lest you think I want to stick my head in the sand and pretend life is perfect (if you do think that, you should probably read the rest of this blog!)… much of this antipathy to the news started when I moved to Memphis from a small college town a few hours away.  I watched the same news station; but, suddenly, the local news was about my city — not the big city a few hours away.  I spent my days here working in social work, traveling to areas of town most lock their doors driving through if they dare to enter at all.  I saw enough suffering.  I didn’t want to see more.  Later… my emotional energy was spent on my own personal or family issues… work issues with clients and/or coworkers included.  I didn’t feel I had energy to spend on more drama.  Maybe that is selfish of me.

It’s ironic… I spent much of my life fairly apathetic to global issues or politics.  That was during the time I did watch the news. 🙂  These days… I care.  I don’t always understand complexities involved… but as I am getting older I am realizing how much bigger systems impact my little family.  I’m realizing that one of my needs for life is to make a difference, even if that difference is limited to teaching children I am blessed to mother and teach that not everyone is as privileged as they are.  But now I don’t watch the news.  Ironically, I do follow our local news station on Twitter and Facebook and CNN on Twitter.  Maybe news in 140 characters is easier to sort through and handle?  Or at least to determine what I want to know about in greater depth…

Guess this turned into I is for Information Overload and Issues, social.  Anyway… I am curious.  Do you watch the news on television?  Do you get your news from the internet, your Blackberry/I-Phone, the newspaper?  Do you feel overwhelmed by how much information there is about local and world events?  And can you give me Twitter advice? 🙂