My Own Worst Enemy

My Own Worst Enemy

The post linked above echoes so much I’ve been saying (but not acting on) for the past few years. The next question is how do I balance my needs/priorities (one of which is time for writing or thinking or doing both, on this blog or otherwise) with the needs of everyone around me?  The biggest of those someones are the husband who doesn’t communicate *what* he needs and the 7 year old who is with me 95% of the time (though he is increasingly independent, homeschooling and chauffeuring and just wanting to take advantage of my only chance at parenting take up a lot of time!)  No answers today, just some questions and musings…

2 responses to this post.

  1. You just make sure everyone is satisfied, which includes you. Men are a lot more independent than you think. Give yourself some ‘me’ time.


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